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I had problem with reading.

Hi, I can't concentrate on reading. Once I start, I can't keep focusing. My refraction is 20/20 +0.5(2.75 cyl) for both eyes. I went to two doctors, had regular eye exams, checked the retina, did corneal topography but I still can't read as I was 1 year ago. Some thing I think may be abnormal is that since two years I see ghosts from my right eye, which increase after focusing for a while. I was told these are HOAs as they disappear when l look through a pinhole or closemy eyelid. I had ptosis since i was born. What should I do now? Thanks.
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What is your age. What is your full glasses RX (sphera plus cylincer and axis?)
I am 17 years old. My prescription is L: +0.5 sphere 2.75 Cyl 170 Axis R: +0.5 sphere 2.75 Cyl 175 Axis.
Cyl valus are minus 2.75.
One more thing my right eye which sees ghosts can see more details than the other eye. I could see letters in 20/15 row with it although the photo is faint. And when I open my lids widely these ghosts increase.
Your glasses correct for myopic astigmatism. You have a moderate to marked amount of astigmatism. You are also young enough that aging (presbyopia) is not an problem. There are a number of possibilities. Your glasses Rx could be incorrect.  You could be "over minused" especially if your glasses test (refraction) was done without first dilating the eye. This is a common problem. You could have "convergence insufficiency" a eye muscle problem that causes eye fatigue, eye strain, head aches and maybe some double vision at near.   You would need to work with an Eye MD ophthalmologist to work through the possible causes.  I'm assuming your corneal toprography ruled out keratoconus and/or irregular astimatism.
Thanks doctor, I was told I had hyperopia that the first doctor made the sphere value equal to zero. I did two corneal topographies (One in September and one in February) the two doctor said I hadnt keratokonus at all and I had with the rule astigmatism. I will go to another opthalmologist and the appointment is in May. I wanted to know what to discuss with him as I can't afford another one!
It looks like your RX is RE  +0.50 sphere - 2.75 axis 175 and LE +0.50 sphere - 2.75 axis 170   Then the spherical equivalent is NOT zero its about -1.63.  And the glasses RX does not correct for hyperopia mainly just astigmatism.  So your glasses RX in not appropriate. You may need bifocals depending on how much hyperopia you have. You eye is working 3-4 times harder than normal when you read. To determine how much hyperopia you have the glasses testing has to be done after full dilation of the pupils.
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