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I keep seeing this small colored spot near the center of my vision?

For the past several days I have been seeing this one specific bright spot in the center of my vision. The best way to describe it is the afterimage that you would see after a camera flash. What concerns me is that when I woke up this morning, the spot seemed to have increased in size. Along with that specific colored spot, I see other splotches of color that come and go. However, I saw an ophthalmologist about a week ago, and they said my eyes were perfectly normal. What could be causing my visual problem? Could it be neurological? I'm only 16 by the way, if that means anything.
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Is is this one or both eyes?  It maybe neurological if in both eye eyes.  See your ophthalmologist and get an retinal oct and a visual fields test

Dr. O.
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It appears as if it is affecting my right eye.
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