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I see a ghost image behind text.

i would like to thank you for advance in reading my story. For about 2 months now I've been see a a ghost image behind white text. Especially light text on a black background. I went to to my optometrist back in November for a new pair of glasses and new contacts that she wanted me to try on. The new contacts worked great on my left eye but not my right, so I stopped wearing them and started wearing my new glass that I bought from her. With that said, the new glass made me feel so awkward and weird. i thought it must be my eye's getting use to them, but they never did for that week.

I decided to go to a new optometrist, and he did a complete comprehensive exam on me. Told me my cornea and retina are all healthy, no abnormal pressure. He told me my old glasses were at 6.50 with perpendicular axis of astigmatism ( not sure about the number, I just heard perpendicular). He said I only need to go as high as 6.00, and I don't have astigmatism. He also told me my right eye's oil glad are 2/3 blocked and what me to do warm compress for a week.

I bought a new pair of glass with him and he is ordering me 3 different type of contacts to try on. So now I got my glass yesterday, but I still see the ghost double behind white text. It gets worst during the night when all the signs and lights starts coming out, its both of my eyes. When I'm up close to these text the double goes away, but as I go farther away, the images start coming up. I called him up and he said he will see me again tomorrow to do another exam to see if he miss any sign of astigmatism.

Does my eye need to adjust to these new lens or do I have astigmatism? I also wake up with dry eyes in the morning but goes away during the day.
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It's sounds like you need the glasses adjusted because of refocus or astigmatism. I don't think your eyes are in any danger. Good luck.
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