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I see my own pulse in my vision. Its driving me crazy and I think its getting worse.

Hi, I noticed a few months ago, i think its getting worse every day.

It used to happen to me when I made an effort but now it happens when resting as well.

I developved diabetes type 2 two years ago, started Mounjaro a few months ago, dont know if it may be that.

I checked my eyes with a specialist, he said they were healthy, didnt think a brain MRI was needed as I didnt have other symptoms.

I also checled my heart valve.

I has been told it may be from sinusitis to craneal pressure, or some med that is dilating my veins.

I weight a lot, 400 lb, I dunno if my pulse stroke is too strong because of that.

I need help on this as I dont know what else to do, but i think is getting worse, lately Im seeing more and more areas and more intense, I didnt see it if it wasnt a blank wall for example, now, is all the time no matter the background.
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Sounds like maybe uncontrolled blood pressure is contributing to the issue. How are your numbers?
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Hi,  forgot to say its also normal, 130,80 or 120,80
Eye pressure also came out normal, and the retina scam
I think you need to see a cardiologist and desparetly to see a bariatric specialist if you really weigh 400 lbs because that weight is not compatiable with good health and a long life.
Hi Dr Hagan, im already doing thatI i recently received an electro and an echo, heart is ok, im receiving mounjaro, could that be the cause? Could being so overweight be the cause as well? If i drop weight it may go away?
You know, having this symptom also causes depression and its hard to be motovated to lose weight when this happens, i hope there is so hope to cling on
Mounjaro should not cause it. even normal eyes and in the abscense of disease can see their pulse at times.  I have had that symptom for a long time. I'm not overeweight, don't have a high pulse pressure but I do have a very slow heart rate from decades of marathon running.  I don't think you can blame your weight problem on this as you were, I believe, overweight when it started. There are no controled studies on severe obesity and eye symptoms just from that.   If something changes or new symptoms develop return to the ophthalmologist.
Ah ok, thanks, so another entoptic phenomena? I have many, some unexplained, for decades.

I just hope it doesnt get worse, its very very annoying, half of the eye pulsates on both eyes, same region on both
I was 40 lb less some months ago, but still very heavy yes, I see it all the time, maybe if I get better condition it will improve
As I said if something new develops or your present symptoms worsen have your ophthalmologist and physicians re-evaluate you.  Work on your weight. Best of luck

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