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I see veins.

I had laser treatment for a torn retina about 6 months ago. I don't know if that is related to the present condition.

When I close my eyes then open them, for a fraction of a second I see a pattern that could be the vein pattern on my retina. That's what it looks like anyway, like looking at a map of a river and its tributaries. This only happens in my left eye, the one that was lasered.

Has anyone seen something similar and is this any cause for concern?
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Harold. That's a normal reaction. Nothing to worry about at all. It's one of several entopic phenomena that are frequently posted here because they alarm people.  That pattern is the arteries and veins on your retina. They lie over the rods and cones that we see with. When light comes into the eye at an angle its possible to see the inside of your eye, floaters are also visible this way sometimes.

If you want to really see the problem take a penlight, close your eyes and place the penlight against your eyelide (over the covered cornea). Don't use anything but very light pressure. Move the light especially in a dark room and you'll be able to see the vessels in both eye.

Why does it only happen with one of his eyes?  It's the same with me.
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agreed completely that u might see veins in the operated eye......i had informed my dr bout the same and he had told me the same what harold replied.....

aaomd i got a query for u.....i was operated a cryo for my retinal detachment few years back.......now wen i raise my head i can see the cryo mark .....or wat i think is the cryo mark........is it possible to see the cryo mark with naked eyes......its like the moon crescent but not continuos......please lemme know......
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Normally tears in the retina occur is the extreme far periphery of the retina that is not a functional part of our peripheral vision. So it's very rare to have a person see the torn area. It is possible if the tear was in the functional part of the retina and there was a lot of laser for a big tear that it might cause a defect.  On the other hand if this "moon crescent" floats around and is near the center of your vision its more likely a "Weiss Ring" (this was discussed recently in the eye forum, you can access it by using the search feature on this page.

When you see your eye surgeon you might mention this. Two tests 1. an amsler grid and 2. a visual field test done together could tell whether your cryo scars are causing the thing your see.

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Dr Hagan,

I had a vitrectomy 4 months ago, with follow-up cataract surgery two months ago.  I am still seeing a bright, complex vein pattern in the left third of my eye.  My surgeon is excellent, and told me we have to let nature take it's course.  The vein pattern is very sensitive to light, & sometimes seems to be flashing.  I have another appt in one month.  Should I be concerned before then?
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You can also see drusen.
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