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ICL Removal and Cataract Surgery

I am a patient who had Visian ICLs implanted two years ago (-10.25 correction).  I have now suffered from a retina detachment in my right eye (two surgeries and a scleral buckle fixed that but MAJOR floaters), a vitreal detachment in left eye (more floaters), and iris sutures in both eyes due to too much light coming in from drainage hole left after ICL surgery.  I now have developed a cataract in my left eye.  My current surgeon has offered a complimentary Crystalens to replace my natural lens in lieu of the ordinary type lenses.  Given my propensity for complications, I'm not inclined to do anything "cutting edge."  I'd like some advice as to whether or not the Crystalens is now the preferred lens or am I still better going a more conservative route and staying away from the "premium lenses?"  Thanks in advance for any advise you may have to offer.
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Go conservative.  I'm sorry for all your problems, I know you are wishing you had gone another route originally.  I'm surprised at the free offer - makes you think what the motivation is?  Maybe there were some problems with the original surgeries??
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