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ICL power versus contact power

Last Thursday I had Visian ICL implants placed into both of my eyes. I have about 3D of astigmatism, so I didn't expect everything to be perfect. The surgeon did what's called Limbal Relaxation Incisions (LRI) to help lessen my astigmatism, but it's never 100% at my level.

The issue is that I'm still not seeing as well as what I had with contact lens. At first I was blaming this on the residual astigmatism that might be present, and the fact that I'm still healing. However, I took a look at the cards that came in my post-op care packet.

The cards stated that the power for ICL implants are -14.0D in my right eye, and -13.5 in my left. My contacts powers are -12.0 in my right eye, and -10.50 in my left. My contacts are almost perfect, and the lady at the surgery office stated that my optometrist had gotten my prescription almost exact, at least according to the exam that they performed a week ago.  

So now I'm wondering if I might have been over-corrected, or if there's some reasoning behind this level of ICL power (or even some other factors that go into choosing an ICL prescription that is different from contacts). For example, I know that my contact lens powers are lower than my glasses, because contacts sit closer to the eye. Maybe ICL prescription levels have a similar explanation, but logically speaking, I can't think of any.  

I can't really find much on the internet about this, but I'd like to have "my ducks in a row" before asking the doctor about it in my one-week follow-up exam. Is it possible they choose the incorrect prescription? Thanks for your help.
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A glasses RX, contact RX, ICL RX and IOL RX will not be the same even for the same individual. All are influenced by variables including length of eye, radius of curvature of the cornea, K constants intrinsic to the lens system in question,  other variables unique to each surgeon.

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Thanks Dr. Hagan. Yeah, I was wondering about that as well. I'm still blurry four days post-op, but that might also be the LRI too. Either way, I'll give it a few more days.

I've been seeing colors a bit strange too, which is concerning since I can't find anyone with this problem after ICL. So between that and the blurriness, I've been a little discouraged to say the least.
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