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IOL plus LASIK and bothering right eye halo

In march 2009 I was implanted two io lenses Acrysof SN60AT 31.0 power. Left eye first, right eye a week after. Only difference right eye was very painful compared to the left eye. Y had astigmatism and hipermetripic eys with power up to 8.0 diopt. to read.
Since I was a boy my left eye was my "bad" eye and the right was the good one (see better). AFTER THE iol surgery my right eye was a little bit miopic? and the left was normal. I was not able to cope with this problem so I have in May a LASIK correction on both eyes. Suposedely both eyes are the same but I am not in capacity to tell that because I have a bothering, very bothering, halo in my right eye durins the day as well as night. I have problems driving in highways due to the large reflection of the cars front lights.
I had in 2002 a procedure to prevent glaucoma, done by laser in both eyes (something like enlarging a hole internelly)
According to my doctor this is the responsible for the "light entrance" to my right eye and it should dissappears when all the surgeries done will be completely healed. Six months have elapsed and still the same if not worse halo is there.
Which are my possibilities. Is posible to perform another operation and hope for  better luck?
I have been consulting with three different doctors but get nothing solid out of their comments. Looking forward to your answer with much interest, this matter has worsened my daily life very deeply. THANK YOU.
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If your halos are not improving after 6 months they are not likely to improve to the point that they don't bother you.  They are probably caused by the focal zone of the LASIK treatment (the part that focuses light properly) being smaller than your pupil.  You need to have a test called a wavefront analysis to confirm this problem.  You should consider treatment with rigid contact lenses; specifically you need a type of lens called a "reverse geometry" lens.
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