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IOL prescription

In April 2009 I had cataract surgery in my right eye with a B&L Akreous +15.00 IOL(clear). In April this year I undertook YAG treatment. The vision for right eye is -0.50 Sphere -0.50 Cylinder. Now I decide to go for left eye cataract surgery. Presently, the left eye vision is -7.00 Sphere and -0.75 Cylinder.  I am under a different doctor and he wants to put tinted Alcon IOL (not clear), will it be compatible ?
I want to read computer, books and cook without using glasses, what prescription for my left eye do you think I should have ? I am seeing the doctor tomorrow, I will appreciate your prompt valuable advice. Thanks for all the help in the past years.
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I can't tell you what the prescription of the IOL should be. That is determined by IOL biometry. I perform IOL biometry with the LenStar®. You want to be able to do intermediate and near tasks (computer=intermediate and books=near). It's very difficult to obtain one eye which can simultaneously see intermediate and near without the aide of glasses. It's much more feasible to get an eye to see either intermediate or near, not both. The only way to do this is with a multifocal IOL. These multifocals are best implanted in both eyes. Probably the best for you will be to aim to make your next eye about -1.50 to -1.75. This will allow you to see the best.
Next question: different colored IOLs...probably won't make any difference. I've done this on a number of patients and have never had any issues, but I
ve heard reports of patients being miserable with this combination.
Best wishes,
Timothy D. McGarity, M.D.
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