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I"m at risk for retinal detachment. should I worry?

I have glaucoma, had cataracts as a baby, and now have been diagnosed with a problem with my macula.  I have a family history of retinal detachment so I am very paranoid about it happening to me.  The problem is I already have most of the symptoms.  I constantly have floaters, my eye drops to control my glaucoma cause the flashes of light and I have already lost my periphial vision so I can't rely on sudden loss of that.  I get checked every six months,but I know trauma can cause it.  How much trauma is necissary for me to start worring?  Do I have to be vigilant about every bump on the head?  As you can imagine I run into quite a lot so this is a big concern for me.
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Trauma that could cause retinal detachment would be direct blunt pressure on the eyeball itself (e.g. getting poked in the eye or direct punch to the eye.  Other causes that don't involve direct contact would be any head movements involving rapid acceleration/deceleration (riding a roller coaster, bungee jumping)  Mild trauma to the head or face would be unlikely to cause a retinal detachment, but always better to be more careful if possible.
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