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I'm high myopic and worry about the future

Hi everybody, I am 18, and my left eyes -6.75 and right eyes -5.5 with some astigmatism. In addition the myopic did not increase in two years. However, after searching the bad effects of high myopic, I am really concerned about my future. Will I easy to have some diseases that will lead me to blind? I am really depressed recently.
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Hi, don't be depressed. I treat lots of people everyday with the same type of vision and they do very well! Glasses, contacts, vision surgery...all these are options, but you are concerned about retina problems, too, right? Just go and have a good eye exam done by an Eye MD who can look at the dilated retina. Get it done, you'll feel better.
Timothy D. McGarity, M.D.
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Thank you. I have checked with an Eye MD, and he told me that everything were all right. But I still have a little concerned about the future of my high myopic. Will it easily lead to RD? Because in the Internet, lots of people say that high myopic is very easy to develop into RD. Again, thank you doctor.

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