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I'm highly myopic (age 35) - should I get preventative laser photocoagulation?

Hi - I now live in Asia and I have -9.00 vision in both eyes. For the last 5-10 years during my eye checkups in the U.S., my optometrist and retina specialists have said to keep an eye on the thinning areas at the outer edge of my retina.  In my left eye I have recently seen a long floater and went in for a checkup here in Asia (where I live)-  the ophthalmologist and her retina specialist colleague said there was severe thinning at the outer edges of my left retina and suggested I undergo preventative laser photocoagulation.  Given my severe myopia, my relative youth (age 35), and fear of retinal detachment, I'm considering undergoing this procedure. I understand laser photocoagulation to be pretty safe, common, quick healing time, with little downside. I'm happy to get a 2nd opinion, but is there really any downside to undergoing the procedure if it gives me some sense of security that my retina won't detach later in life? I'm assuming if I get a retina tear, I'll be undergoing laser photocoagulation anyway (so why not do it now when it's not an emergency?). Thanks in advance for your response! - J
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When to treat lattice degeneration is very controversial and excellent Eye MD retina ophthalmologists often disagree on who and when to treat. I have lattice degeneration also but have not had treatment.  Laser is not without risk but the risks are low and laser does not guarantee you would not later get a retinal tear or detachment.  If getting a second opinion would make you feel better do so. If not and you have confidence in your physicians than you might consider proceeding.
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