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I'm so worry about my eyes now. What exactly it is?

For several years, I never have any eye problem besides myopia. I enjoy my life with using contact lenses everyday with make up without any problem and drinking much coffee everyday. Just this year, I was pregant with my 2nd daughter, I was so weak, so I decided to resigned and stayed at home. So, I occasionally use make up and contact lenses. I also fine with my eyes until after delivery.

6weeks after delivery, I started drinking a lot of coffee as before, drinking less water, staying in front of fan, less sleeping, looking downward closely cos I breast pump milk for my new born. So, My eyes started feel uneasy. I visited an eye doctor, he said I may have eye strain, so he gave me lubricate eye drop for 10-14days. And, I can use contact lenses as I wish. After dropping it for 10days, I started eyelids inflamed. 16th days of eyelids inflamed, I visited another eye doctors. He gave me allergy eyedrop, pills and Maxitrol eye drop for 2weeks. After 10days using it. I sometime feel foreign body in the lower part of sclera of my left eye. When I check it out by looking into mirror, I can see a poin in piece of rice shape around 0.8mm size. I clear jelly color on conjunctival near angle on lower puctum. When I move my eye around I almost gone. When I push my lower eyelid around it gone. But, when I press lower eyelid and move up, it moveable. I try to clean it with handkerchief, but it still here. What is it? Is this normal? What this come to my eye? Can it be conjunctival cyst, conjuntivochalasis, or symptom of other eye problem?
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