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Implantable Collamer Lens ICL, Should I ?

Implantable Collamer Lens ICL, should I ?
by skinypig

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As of 9/2008, My right eye is -15 near sighted for the pass 30 years ( Now I am 42 years old)  Left eye had detached retina over 20years ago (1986). the len was removed then, I can see far away great (+ 0.25). I need to use reading glasses to read up close. Is it a good time for ICL for me? Now in my right eye, I am using soft daily contact len at -15. In my 40's, I have to put glasses over my eyes to be able to read clearly. I can do without but not as clear.
Is $3,500 price tag, too much for Visian ICL. I am in Seattle WA, Dr. seem to be top notch. What are the worst case that could happen? Insurance is not cover ICL procedure, if something bad happen, like detach retina on the right eye. Would my insurance cover the cost of preventing me from blindness?
What kind of question I should ask my surgeon? She gave me all the standard answer that I wants to hear. Where can I check her back ground?
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Why not just continue with contact lens.  You are fortunate that you have made it this far with reasonably good vision.  When the day comes and you cannot wear the contact lens easily anymore then something like an ICL might be an option vs just clear lens extraction or early cataract surgery.  Please remember that you may still need to wear glasses or contacts after ICL surgery and will most probably still need to wear reading glasses for sure.  What are you gaining?  A little convenience with risks you don't really need at this time in your life.  Suggest waiting until contact doesn't work anymore.

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