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Intense blue field entopic phenomenon (BFEP) after getting my eye floaters

15y assigned female at birth, apologies for my bad english since it's not my first language
Before this i have really long screen time everyday and regularly looking my devices on the dark, which i stopped, also lack of sleep.

I started to notice blue field entopic phenomenon (BFEP) after i got my eye floaters, before this i'll notice it only after focusing on the sky and now i saw these all over on bright surfaces and my school projector display, even on paper if the sunlight was present. It makes me anxious all the time after all of this happened.

I don't have anxiety, depression etc, although i experience health related anxieties months before but i can't confirm if i have hypochondria, i don't diagnosed with any mental health problems.

I have a dilation eye exam on an eye specialist and checked one more time on glasses store (i have slight power prescription but i don't need glasses atm and got blue light filtering glasses instead), everything seems fine (except i have dry eyes which was recently solving but haven't solved yet, and light bulbs seems funky like how astigmatism sees but they don't diagnosed me with it, it's a lot hard to tell since my eye doctor tells me that dry eyes can cause this too.

Why we got BFEP after eye floaters (some people who have eye floaters on the same boat as me), and i read some theories on a forum like eye changes after floaters and more lights entering your eyes etc.

Although they said it's most likely harmless, but it really hurts mentally and really imakes me anxious, skies and outside are not the same anymore and im starting to hate sunny days, and i don't know if it's possible to reduce the intensity to normal level.
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BFEP is not caused by floaters, you became AWARE of BFEP after floaters.  Not everyone can see FBEP and many just ignore it like seeing glasses frames or feeling the shoes on your feet. You are anxious, this email proves it and also compulsive behavior. If you have had a complete medical eye exam by an Eye MD ophthalmologist with a macular OCT test then you would need and still can't deal with this you might consider seeing a psychologist for cognitive behavior therapy or a psychiatrist.
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