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Iridotomy - Possible cause of pain 4 months later

4 months ago I had Visian ICL surgery with Iridotomies done on the same day, during surgery.  So I did not have to have 2 separate visits. I was sedated for the whole thing.

I chose one of the best, most advanced, clinics and doctors to do my surgery. I did not go cheap or frugal. I went for the best I could find. I am happy with the surgery.

For the most part I am happy with my ICLs. I have only a few small concerns.

early 30's
-8.00  both eyes

1.) My right eye has been tender to the touch on the top portion in the white area ever since. The white part covered by the eyelid.  Sometimes when I blink hard it is tender too.  It's not dibilitating, just noticeable.  
( I've seen the Dr. for a basic check up and pressure check 2x since surgery. He says it looks beautiful and normal.)

My concern. Could the process of the iridotomy accidently injured this part of the eye during surgery?  

2.) Floaters. I read this can be expected after surgery. Can I expect that they will ever settle down on their own?

If an eye doctor reads this, I appreciate your thoughts on the tenderness and floaters.
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1) It may be due to IOL size.  2) Usually gets better.

Dr. O.
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Dr. O Thank You!  Great suggestion for me to consider.  I really do hope it gets better as you suggestion. It's been 4 months, so maybe still early. (2012)

                           2 points I forgot to put in my above synopsis.

1.) I did get  A/B scans and Ultrasounds to measure the sulcus or inside of eye.  I hope the lens is not too big - that has glaucoma consequences.

2.) The iridotomies were surgically done, not laser.

The tenderness, while not disabling, it's not normal either. It's noticeably tender to touch and blink;  only on my right eye.

I'll keep taking thoughts.    And here's to hoping it gets better with time!!  
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Do you still have sutures in your eye where they cut to insert the lens? Some doctors don't use sutures anymore, but some still do. If this is the case they can be painful.
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Great question to ask....hum. To my knowledge I don't believe he used sutures?  But, when I have my next appointment, I will be sure to ask him about this now. Thanks for suggesting this!

It's a very strange feeling. For example: When I apply my eyeshadow with a long brush, even the tender stroke across my eyelid causes enough pressure to make my eye ache. Right now it aches without touching it.  Only 1 eye.
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I had an IOL sutured into the sclera. My doctors used nylon sutures to close the corneal wound where they inserted the lens. They also left the tails to the sutures, which where very annoying and painful. They would hang on my eyelid.  Good luck!
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Interesting experience you had there with the sutures. Something for me to consider. Thanks for bringing it up!  When I go in next, I am going to ask about the following.

1.) ICL lens size, as Dr. O above stated.

2.) Suture tails, as you suggested.

3.) Sinuses, as a family member suggested.

If anyone else has suggestions, send them my way.  

PS: Migrain meds, Ibupfophen, NSAID eye drops are ineffective.
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Ask if the they used sutures to close wound, and if they are still in. Good luck!
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After a year, the aches have subsided with the headaches. Even when touching, the tenderness is gone. I don't know what to contribute that to. But all is well and I am relieved. No issues with the irridotomies or the lenses.


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