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Is glaucoma symmetrical?

I'm a 25 year old guy from united states. I've noticed very-very small spots that don't pick up light as easy, they're not particularity blind spots as they pick up a small flash at a certain brightness. I've been to a couple specialist, including a glaucoma specialist - they noticed my right eye has the slightest amount of thinning but my left doesn't, although the spots (size of a small nail head), are present in both eyes, in the same area - symmetrical positions. They are not black, they do not shimmer, they are very very small and I came across them by becoming paranoid about my vision after eye visits, I scanned a small match with a red head with my arm extended and picked up on these areas. My pressure is 16 in each eye, with 590+ cornea thickness in each or higher. My ''structure'' is good and the doctor pointed out ''the area glaucoma usually affects is completely in-tact''. John Hagan MD, can I please have your opinion? does this sound like glaucoma or should I be looking into other things, this isn't my normal blind spot. If you look at a retina photo, the tiny spots are near the optic nerve head of each eye, leaning towards the nose. Now this is the part I'm confused about, there are a total of 5 spots per eye (1 directly below the normal blind spot by 1-2cm's. 2 in the exact same diagonal direction from spot ''1'' continuing downards from the normal blind spot, and the same pattern above the blind spot in BOTH eyes), same areas, same size and equally all pick up the same amount of light - is it possible I've merely noticed pricks of area where your eye naturally doesn't pick up light as strongly as the rest. When looking at a normal retina photo, where the ''vessels'' of the optic nerve come out, it's as if these areas are along them. I have another appointment booked and am not leaving this to the internet. Although I really appreciate your in-put because I do not understand.  
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No it doesn't sound like glaucoma.  And none of the physician Eye MDs you saw thought so either. Have check up at least annual and if something new develops get in to see one of the Eye MDs.
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Thankyou, I'm really stressing over it. Does this sound like anything you would have an idea of? It really doesn't make any sense, I wish I just never noticed it.
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In the last 3 months there have been about 4-5 posts from young, healthy, anxious males and females with almost exactly the same complaints and multiple doctors without anything serious. The common denominators: young, healthy, anxious. It is far more likely this is an anxiety problem than a eye problem.  You can look through the postings over the last 4-6 weeks and probably find them or use the search feature.  You might want to visit an anxiety discussion group or see a psychologist or psychiatrist to learn how to deal with your anxiety. If something new develops in you r eye return to the glaucoma Eye MD.
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Thankyou, I understand. Yes the glaucoma check was purely because I got hit in the eye and they wanted to just ''know''. Yet this is both eyes, and nothing has drawn suspicion at all, I think whatever it is, as you have said is not glaucoma, and I can see now reading it out loud how it can't possibly be.  
For general knowledge, if the doctors didn't physically see anything on exam, does that mean it can only be neurological? And if it were present on exam, doctors would pick up on it even if I wasn't aware of it correct? I am in no way a professional, and no nothing about eye anatomy but is it safe to say perhaps anxiety is making me think what I'm describing is actually normal, I understand how such precise symmetry really sounds far-fetched. I guess I am just really making sure. I know glaucoma really doesn't fit the description and the only reason I even mentioned it was because of the above comment relating to one eye getting hit. thankyou for your response though.
No it does not follow that this is a neurological problem. Many symptoms people detect and dwell on are entopic phenomena.  Read the section on that in wikipedia.com   The sensitivity of the retina is not the same all over the eye. In the periphery not as good as in the macula.
Or ... this is the exact same poster using multiple IDs. Been posting on reddit eyeboards too
That makes a lot of sense, so it's very possible I've located the pinpoints of each eye that are ''fainter'' duo to becoming hyper-aware/anxiety and purposely searching.
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