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Is it CNV or Retina tear?

I have had floaters in my left eye for the past 4 years and last week I noticed a fog like circle in the eye like 3 of them stuck. When I open my eyes in the morning from under my blanket the shape becomes perfectly black and I could see between these circles, just not through them. When I close my eyes after switching off the lights the circles are like bright takes about 4 seconds to reflect the darkens. So I started to take vitamins thinking its the floaters again. After 4 days I started experiencing flashes at the edge of my eye, on and off. I went to the first doctor she said it's CNV. I was shocked and decided to see another doctor, he said there is nothing to be done just hope it doesn't go bad. So I decided to show him my scans and he said yeah it is CNV, wasn't happy about his response. So I decided to go see a professional ophthalmologist and she said its a retina tear. When she was doing the diagnosis I could actually see the 3 round images that have been blocking my vision,and  she would avoid putting light on them.
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I dislike abbreviations and acronyms.  So please write out what you are talking about CNV is not an eye term that is widely accepted.  Do you mean the newly described Copy Number Variation? Or are you using it for choroidal neovascularization?     I will respond once I know what you are talking about.  And were the first "eye doctors' you saw optometrists?  And what kind of scans are you talking about OCT? Fluorsceine angiograms.  
Sorry, CNV-Choroidal Neovascularization. In china there are general hospitals and specific hospitals. The first doctor was an ophthalmologist in a general hospital and the last doctor was an ophthalmologist in an Eye disease specific institution. The first doctor did OCT scans and also a HD Raster line exam the last doctor did an ultrasound and a certain exam where she kept an eye drop on my eye amd used a light to look into the eye with a lens I think.
You do need to see the retina Eye MD ASAP.  CNV is not generally ignored especially if near the macula. It's treated with injections of what are called VEGF inbibitors (Avastin, Lucentis, etc).    If you are very myopic then high myopia is usually the cause.
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