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Is it safe to use an open vial of UNpreserved eyedrops (for dry eye) safe ?

I read with interest Dr. Hagan's article on dry eye.  I've not been re-using my UNpreserved eyedrop vials more than a few hours because of concerns for re-using such drops.  (I "cheat" & re-use over 3-4 hrs due to their high cost.)

Dr. Hagan's useful article seems to imply that open UNpreserved drops may be re-used during a 24 hour period.  However, (at least as it appeared in my browser) there seems to be a typo such because it reads that "preserved" vials may be used for 24 hours.

I'd sure appreciate clarification by Dr. Hagan or another physician, and whether this info is based on clinical experience or peer-reviewed literature.  (I do believe in clinical experience, but the evidence level is nice to know).  Of course, let's presume the tip of the vial is kept clean.  I usually cantilever my vials over a counter edge where they will not get bumped.  As a tip to the doc & fellow-sufferers:  I discovered that one can also use the inner portion of a "bomber" cup that can be purchased at many liquor stores - the inner portion is so short that a vial can be stood upright without touching the "glass."

Thank you!
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Unpreserved drops are likely ok as long as used the same day.

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