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Is my eyelid peeling!?
For the last couple of months, I have had this weird thing that happens, and it happens often, about every day or every other day.  It starts with feeling like there is something in my eye.  I try to blink it out, but my eyes are really dry because I've had 2 babies that are 11 months apart, and do not get a lot of sleep.  I don't have allergies.
Anyway, if I look in the mirror, there is something in the bottom of my eyelid and I will blink enough so that it is onthe outside of my eyelid a little bit, and then I pull it out and it looks like my eyelid is peeling off!  I always happened on my lower eyelid, until last week when I woke up and felt this big thing under my top eyelid.  I kept blinking and trying to get it out all day long without touching my eye, and when I looked under my eyelid, it was a HUGE piece of the skin on my eyelid!
My eyes get really red afterwards and are really irritated. I use eyedrops to clear the redness and help with the dryness, but is my eyelid really peeling?
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I wonder if you are not possibly removing clumps of mucous from the conjuctiva due to your very dry eyes.  You could also have some type of membranous conjunctivitis or a mucous membrane disorder like pemphigoid.  You have told me enough that I definitely know you need to see an ophthalmologist in person as soon as possible.  This could be something rather serious or something more simple like severe dry eyes.  Either way, you need to find out what it is.  Use lots of artificial tears in the meantime.

Michael  Kutryb, MD
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