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Is there a solution for high myopia ?

I have -12 in both eyes .. Is there any thing I can do to reduce my number ?
I have gone to some of the best docs in Mumbai , India. But they said lasik won't be possible because I have thin cornea. There are no other retinal problems as of now. Are there any precautions I can take before I have retinal detachments and all ??
I wear lenses daily to office. Is that ok ?
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NO cure for myopia. Nothing to make it stop. World epidemic of myopia due to computers, iPads, iPhones, Video games, reading.  Much higher rates in Asians.  In 2 generations (40 years) everyone worldwide could be myopic. You will see better with contacts as the image is much bigger.

Surface lasik might be done on you. It would not get rid of all your myopia but ight change your -12 to -5 or -6.    an ICL could correct all your myopia but I do not like them as they go inside the eye and have (to me) unacceptable risks.  As far as RD dont do contact sports, protect against eye injury, don't do amusement thrill rides.
Thank you so much for the quick response. It really means a lot.
My age is 25.
I'm sorry I'm asking again but is it ok if I wear contact lenses 9 hours a day?
I am wearing contacts from when I was 15 yrs old for a long period of time.
Is surface lasik the same as PRK( photo refractive keratectomy) ?
Can I go for the surface lasik in India itself?
If possible can I have your email id ?
It would be of great help.
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You cannot email me or post your email address. MedHelp.org forbids that.  Yes there are many excellent cornea/refractive surgeons in India. I do not know them by name. A medical center/medical school would be a good place to look. You need a "cornea refractive surgeon"  I would get at least 2-3 different opinions at different places. If you are meticulous about care and wear of your contacts there is no reason to believe you will damage your eye. Many people wear contacts for 20-30 years or more without problem.  Yes surface lasik is PRK       It works better for high myopes with thin corneas.
Ok sorry I din't know about the email id policy.
Thank you so much for your guidance.
I will get surface lasik done.
Should I take 2-3 different opinions for price or some other factor?
Thanks again :)
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Different opinions for all reasons:  price,  how much myopia might be corrected, see how your personality meshes with the surgeons, which staff you like most.
Ok Thank You
Will keep in mind all these factors.
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