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Is there such a thing as a "Silesian cyst"?

Sorry to post a nonmedical question, but I have Googled endlessly and can't find the answer. I'm editing a memoir about the life of a Viennese-American ophthalmologist who in the 1920s worked in the Vienna clinic of a supposedly famous Dr. Hyack, where Edward, the Prince of Wales, was said (in the memoir, twice) to have had a "Silesian cyst" removed. I finally changed it to "chalazion cyst," but now I see (from Googling again) that there is one lone result: the publisher William Jovanovich, in his 2003 memoir "The Temper of the West," says he had a "Silesian cyst." Hmmm. Dr. Hagan (or anyone else), ever heard of a "Silesian cyst"??
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No I have never heard nor been taught about anything with that name.  And since it doesn't come up in internet searches it either never existed or has long passed into antiquity.   Could have been a 'sebaceous" cyst. or a sudoriferous cyst.   What I suspect is that Javanovich misunderstood the doctor. Like patients that say they have been told they have a 'Cadillac' in eye (cataract)  or had surgery for "fireballs of the Eucharist" (fibroids of the uterus).
Thanks, Dr. Hagan. I think I will let it stand, since I can't be sure what was meant. I also haven't been able to find anything about the Prince of Wales having had an eye cyst, nor receiving treatment in Vienna. My aunt could have gotten the personage wrong, she could have misheard her husband, or whatever. It's not likely that her husband--a man of letters as well as an EENT--nor a highly educated man like Jovanovich, whose career revolved around words, would have used a mondegreen (your examples above are hilarious!!)--but who knows.  Anyway, thanks for confirming this.... Google doesn't know EVERYTHING! :)
You are welcome good luck with the book.   Here is one I heard at Cook County Hospital in Chicago.  A brother was said to have "Smiling Mighty Jesus"  (spinal meningitis. )
Ha ha! Someone should compile a book of medical mondegreens. :)

Thanks so much AS EVER for your kind help and answers.
If you ever run out of books to read I am the Editor of "The Science of Near-Death Experiences" (University of Missouri Press, 2017) available on Amazon. Totally different subject but very fascinating.
Uhhh.... I would be TOTALLY interested in that! I think it's a fascinating subject. I looked at the reviews--"gold standard"--it's got to be good. Thank you for the recommendation, and congrats on the book!

The book I'm editing (and going to publish, probably not til next year) is a memoir, by no means scientific, but the doctor's journal contains some interesting little tidbits about his work as an EENT in the 1950s.
As an author you would appreciate this.  If you read the book and like it please consider a review on Amazon. If you don't like it..........please keep it to yourself.
Will do! :)
Just happened to read this post out of curiosity.  Just wondering, Dr. Hagan, how does an opthalmologist such as yourself get involved with a book delving into the near death experiences?  Was it like a calling, something you always wanted to learn about?  Very interesting to me and I guess I will be putting on my wish list for christmas.   Personally I believe there is another "something" after we leave our bodies.  Perhaps we could get a signed copy (no....I am just kidding...lol).  Thanks again for all you do!  Jim
Several patients described their NDEs,  a friend loaned be a book about NDE,  I got to wondering why physicians are not taught about this in medical school, a close physician friend of mine (chapter 6 in the book) told me about a NDE she had that she never told anyone about.  It just grew from there.  As I said book is easy read.  Highly ranked on Amazon  4.5/5 stars.  Suitable for physicians, healthcare workers and thoughtful people interested in NDE.
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