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Is this Macular Degeneration?? D:

Ok so a month and half ago I had problems with numbness and tingling in my etremities which resolved after a couple weeks, my GP though I had stress so he gave me some stress tabs from himself(idk the name), everything went by cool untill a few days later, I started noticing 2 floaters in my vision, I thought they are normal so went out that night and realized I have starbursts and halo in my vision, along with glare. Didn't pay much attention to it till I started seeing negative after-images in my vision(i can stare at the ceiling fan for 2 seconds and can get an after image instantly). Went to an eye surgeon, tested me and said I have perception(Which I already know). So i got myself new glasses and it didn't do anything for my problem. A week passed and I ignored my problems until I started seeing patterns upon waking up, along with pain between socket and eye ball under the eyebrow. The next doctor I saw was a retinal specialist, he asked me to get my Vitamin D3 and B12 checked, I did and my b12 was fine but my d3 was very low(less than 8.1). He did a slit lamp test and prescribed me NSAID drops and anti inflamatiory drops along with vitamins, also my perception had magically got better like a lot when he checked it along with axis change, he said my eyes are overworking, spasming but nothing serious, he said vitamin deficiency could be the cause. Started my Vit D3 therapy that day itself. Now 2 days have passed and my after image has gotten worse(right when I wake up but normalizes during the day). I was doing some surfing and ended up looking at Amsler Grid. I'm really freaked out because I can see a few lines moving, one time the entire dot vanished from the grid. I can't talk to doctor for another 15 days, I'm so scared if I have MD(I'm 21 btw and never had any vision problems till date other than getting my glasses back in december 2014). Is it MD or some other problems because to my knowledge the symptoms are generalized and not specific to one disease.

So my symptoms are-
Heavy eyes
Terrible after images
Cant focus properly
Moving lines on Amsler grid(by far the most stressful symptom).
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I understand that you are anxious about your eyesight and I know that this Is frightening.  The good news is that you have seen several doctors in recent weeks and they were not alarmed. If they detected an ocular emergency, they would have taken action.  You are being treated with vitamins and eye drops, and you need to give them time to take effect.  

BTW, when you are soliciting help from people, it is best not to SHOUT at them and use terms like FFS.  Best wishes.
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If a doctor told me I as suffering from "perception"---- I would be out of his office "FFS" (=Faster than a Fotom Stimulates),

Don W.
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