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Is this a sympton of a migraine with aura?

Hello people, something scary happened to me days ago.
For the first time I experienced  this thing
It was scaary because I thought I was losing my eyesight
I am 27 years old, I have always been hyper aware of my vision, noticing things that is considered normal like entoptic phenoma, floaters, etc. But this one freaked me out.

So, the symptons were:

A few days ago I was watching TV then I went to bedroom to read the cellphone message and all of a sudden  I couldnt read, the text faded away.
I noticed the edges of the mobile phone "missing"  things were missing from my center view. I couldnt see one of my eyes looking at the mirror.

Looking at objects and seeing parts like squares missing out of them. Like a block in my vision of focus

Inability to read, like trying to read a label or something and the words are "erased"  by this invisible "thing"  near the center of my vision

This happened with both eyes, then I noticed a  colored "zig zag" jagged line flashing with so many colors in the corner of my eyes then it expanded to the  top and faded away, then this blind spot thing disappeared and I could read and see things properly as usual

This all lasted for about 10 minutes I think. 5 minutes headache eyepain that I needed icecubes to relief. My eyes and sides of head was aching like hell.

I had episodes of headaches before, I think since I was a teenager But all related to vision? I dont know I started wearing glassews at 18yo,  before I never used them and seeing people blurry  and everything always gave me the worst headaches in the end of the day, that i need to lay dow to "relief"

I always do eyes checkups and my eyes are fine, although it's been two years since last visit to eye doc and didnt even changed my glasses.

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Just an addendum
The visual problems started before the pain
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Since this is something new you do need to see your Eye MD ophthalmologist for an exam and to discuss. While there are several causes of these in a healthy young person the most common would be migraine variant but other cause need to be excluded first.
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I will make an appointment soon.
best of luck
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