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Is traumatic mydriasis permanent ?

So I was playing badminton a couple of weeks ago and I hurt my right eye with the suttlecock pretty bad. I couldn't see anything, eyes were swollen red and I went to the ER. Since then i have been visiting my eye doctor regularly, and he has stated that i have a sphincter tear and hyphema. I am following rigorous medication since then. 2 weeks ago I couldn't see anything from my right eye, but yesterday I could read some lines in the doctors office. He has written my vision as 6/78 for the right eye. The doctor says yesterday was the first day since my injury that he saw my retina(hazily, as written on his prescription) and he can also see my optic nerve, which luckily looks like is not damaged. Still I have high pressure in the eye, 28mm Hg, and he says it's due to the blood and tissues still in my eyes(I can see floaters).

My question is, the doctor says no one can tell for sure if my vision will completely heal or not. So, I this condition permanently with me now ?
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You were told correctly. You have a very serious eye injury and obviously should have been wearing sports safety glasses.  Problems that could occur now and in the future:  traumatic glaucoma, cataract, retinal detachment, macular swelling and hole, permanent reduced vision and permanent dilated pupil.     Protect your 'good eye' from disease and injury.  No one can tell you what will happen. You might get a second opinion from a retina Eye MD ophthalmologist.  
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Actually the doctor told me that he can now see my retina and optic nerve and it doesn't look damaged, which can mean I have a 60-70% chance of reduced vision, but in the long term the damage may not be serious, and anything certain can be said only when I completely heal the injury.
Thanks for the reply though. One thing that confuses me is, when you say I might suffer from permanent reduced vision, does that mean my eye sight will go weak? Or does it mean I will be able to see like I am seeing right now, like everything is blurry?
You are more than welcome to confirm this with your personal eye doctor (absolutely essential that he/she be an Eye MD ophthalmologist and not an optometrist).  You have a very serious injury that could affect you anytime the rest of your life. You are never truly "completely healed " or over a traumatic hyphema. I have seen patients develop traumatic cataract, traumatic glaucoma and traumatic retinal detachment 20 and 30 years after the injury.  You have a long way to go.  Use the search feature there is another long post and discussion from a youth that also had a serious eye injury from playing badminton.  BADMINTON PLAYERS LEARN FROM THIS AND WEAR SPORTS EYE PROTECTION FOR ALL RACQUET SPORTS.  
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