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Issues With New Prescription

I went in for a vision check up because I hadn't had one in nearly three years.  My old glasses were fine except for the anti-glare coating beginning to bubble up.  When I went in for my check up, the doctor informed me that I was in a stronger Rx than I needed.  He also said that I would be needing reading glasses too (I'm 30 yrs old).  I ordered reading glasses as well as my regular pair.  Since the regular pair were giving me headaches, I went back a week later.  He said that my eyes now wanted the stronger Rx.  While we waited for the lenses to come in, he manually adjusted the frames so as to relieve some of the glare that I was complaining about (despite the anti-glare coating).  The new lenses came in and they were much better.  But when the staff were placing the lenses into the frames, they accidentally scratched the frame.  They ordered me another frame being that they scratched the original. Today I go to get the lenses put into the new frame and for some reason, I can't see as clearly.  I explained to the tech that the doctor had manually adjusted the original frame.  He said he adjusted the new frame to match the adjustments of the old frame. I walk out, not very convinced.  As I'm driving and running errands, I notice that I can't see very clearly.  There seems to be glare and almost like a shadow around text.  It's annoying and now I really regret having done the right thing by getting my eyes checked.  First off, I'm not even convinced that I need reading glasses as my vision is funny with those glasses too.  And now, I have this other issue with the regular pair.

My original prescription from three years ago is:
OD: -1.50 (sphere) -2.00 (cylinder) 085 (axis)
OS: -2.75 (sphere) -1.00 (cylinder) 078 (axis)

The prescription I'm currently in is:
OD: -1.50 (sphere) -2.00 (cylinder) 085 (axis)
OS: -2.75 (sphere) -1.00 (cylinder) 070 (axis)

There is no change except for the axis in the left eye (OS).  Could this be the problem?  Any advice?  Help!
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I suspect that the change in axis for the left eye may not be correct.  When the doctor manually adjusted the lens, he may have rotated it in some fashion so that the axis moved closer to 78 degrees (your old prescription).  When the axis of astigmatism is off, ghosting or shadowing is a typical symptom.  Some people are very sensitive to changes in astigmatism axis, even when the new axis is technically more accurate they hate the change.

Your options at this point are 1) take both new glasses back to the eye care provider and ask for your money back (might work, might not), 2) go back to the doctor and request another measurement (might help, might not), 3) see another eye care provider, taking in your old and new glasses, and carefully explain your symptoms.  See what prescription s/he comes up with.

Another option is to ask for the lens money back for the new glasses and keep the frames.  This may work better than requesting a full refund.
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