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Italian desperate

Hi to all, I'm 28 years old, and I come from Italy so sorry my english. I have strange situation but any ophthalmologists understood what's the problem (and any neurologists too). I've ghosted vison, starbursting, halos, glare, floaters (Weiss rings and partial posterior vitreous detachment too), visual snow, palinopsia and sporadic migraine aura episodes, but I conserved my vison "quantity" (so I've vision "quality" problems only).
Ghosted vison, starbursting, halos and glare started after a gonioscopy with Goldmann Lens during a medical examination (two years ago). Sympthoms were very evident during night only, not during day, but nowdays they are evident in both situations (less during day). I saw many ophthalmologists after that medical examination, but I haven't any problem during other ones, untill one of these ophthalmologists (not the first one) did gonioscopy with Goldmann Lens again: just after my symptoms got worse. Nowdays my ghosted vision (ghosting) are coloured (red-green). I can improve all of these four symptoms if I "release" my eyes, such as I "release" ocular accommodation or ocular muscles (in my opinion). In addiction, I see my eyelashes' "shadow" if I don' t open my eyes really wide.
Other symptoms (floaters, visual snow, palinopsia and sporadic migraine aura episodes) were just present since more times then others, so aren't related to gonioscopies (I did the first medical examination to understand these problems).

About the ghosted vison, starbursting, halos, glare, what can be happened? Anyone can help me? I did many and many exams (corneal topography/pachymetry, OCT, GDx, etc.) but all were normal.  I'm really desperate, I hope you'll can help me. Thank you a lot.
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It sounds like you have Anatomically Narrow Angles. Please have your ophthalmologist evaluate for this condition. Unfortunately, you must have a gonioscopy for confirmation.

Best wishes,
Timothy D. McGarity, M.D.
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I hope you can help me please.
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Hi Doctor, thank you very much about your answer.

Do you think that Anatomically Narrow Angles was caused by these gonioscopies? Can I fix the problem and back as I was before? Some time ago I did a gonioscopy without Goldmann Lens, without any contacts (with Pentacam), may is that useful for confirmation?

PS: I forgot about say I've pain in left eye usually (I tried a collyrium with cortisone too, but it didn't work); my IOP wasn't high in eyes both (everytimes was tested); my optical nerve's papilla is excavate with conserved edge in eyes both.

Thank you a lot again.
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