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LASIK glare and halos

I had custom wavefront LASIK 1 year ago, I didn't have a bad prescription to begin with and never wore contacts. I have glare and halos/starbursts night and day. I didn't notice them right away.

I just went for my regular yearly eye exam and I have no refractive error or astigmatism. I also don't have large pupils. The Dr. said my corneas look great.

I was wondering why I have glare and halos/starbursts. I am on anti-depressants.
I have 20/20 vision. During the day if there is a light reflection off of something it looks like a starburst, also if somebody stands in front of a light source I can't see them very well.
Not sure if I'm being overly paranoid and just noticed this because of all the LASIK horror stories and bad side effects I've read about or if this is really a problem with my eyes.
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i'll let the doctor give his opinion,
your story sounds just like mine,had laser vision correction in 2005,had
one eye done at a time,things like halos and starburst were present in both eyes ,now after looking at these anti lasik websites i totally understand how it would cause anxiety,if i had both eyes done at the same time i would have blamed these things on my surgery,yes the internet can be good and bad for checking medical issues,
your fine stop looking for things and with time you will learn to ignore these things as your brain did before your lasik
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I would suggest a second opinion with a different refractive corneal surgeon to include a repeat corneal topography plus a dilated exam and refraction.  If all is normal then the likely cause is an awareness of optical aberrations of the cornea/lens focus system.

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