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LASIK treatment w/ ONHD condition

Greetings.  I am a 49 y/o patient still interested in LASIK surgery options.  My contact prescriptions are a -8.25 (right) and -7.50 (left).  I was screened by an ophthalmologist for LASIK surgery in 2003, but was ruled out as a candidate due to the fact that there was not much experience (at that time) with LASIK treatment of patients with optic nerve head drusen (ONHD).  In other words, I understood the fact that the suction rings used in this procedure could represent a significant risk to patients with ONHD & there was simply not much experience or case studies.   I recently came across a request for patients to participate in a clinical trial on Wavefront-Optimized (Allegretto Wave Laser treatment) versus Wavefront-Guided (VISX S4) laser treatments at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.   Are you aware of any other LASIK surgery advancements that could allow patients with ONHD to be eligible for treatment ?   thanks.  
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First - no I don't know any new advancements for lasik with optic disc drusen.  The suction ring causes and elevation in eye pressure to 60 or above and could in theory reduce optic nerve blood flow in a compromised optic nerve crowded with lots of drusen.  BUT - you could just have PRK and not have to have the suction ring at all.  Unfortunately you would have a higher incidence of corneal haze but some surgeons are adept at using mitomycin  to reduce haze incidence.  So my advice would be to get an opinion from a board certified ophthalmologist lasik expert in your area to see what he thinks about PRK as an option.

Michael Kutryb, MD
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