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I am a 20 year old male that is very active with low stress and anxieties.  I get adequate amounts of sleep and i eat very well making sure to consume proper nutrition.  I have dark circles under my eyes that i would consider severe.  I feel like it makes me look like i am lacking something in my diet or I am stressed or sleep deprived or a drug addict.  Like i said, i am very healthy and happy and I want to have skin around my eyes like a newborn.

Are there any over the counter products that will 100% cure and rid of my dark circles?  Are there any prescription supplements that will work?   Am I possibly lacking in an amino acid or mineral that could cause dark circles?  

What about surgery procedures?  A Laser procedure to rejuvenate the blood vessels under the skin to erase the purple color?  Could I have fat injected under the eyes to give a fuller look and to hide the blood vessels from being seen through the skin?  Bleaching?

What have you experienced yourself?  Please help.  Any thoughts and/or advice on what could be done to rid of my dark circles would be greatly appreciated.  
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Dear MAC5em,

I would recommend that you seek the care of an eyeMD specializing in cosmetic oculoplastic surgery or a cosmetic dermatologist.  There are some over the counter products made by ReVision skin care and by the makers of StriVactin that purpose to reduce this.  The extent of effect is not known to me but will by these types of specialists.

Dr. Feldman

Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center
San Diego, California

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Don't waste your money on expensive OTC creams and potions--they're useless, IMO.  Cosmetics (i.e., flesh-colored concealers sold at drug/department stores, spas/salons, and even some dermatologists' offices) work very well.  It would really help if you could get a demo showing you how to apply the stuff.  You could get more info about surgical procedures by scheduling a couple of consultations.  One of the forum docs can advise you about this.  A cosmetic dermatologist could advise you about possible laser procedures.
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