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Laser Removal of Large Virtreous Floater

I had a detached retina due to a hole left behind by a detaching vitreous. Retina is OK now but I have a large floater which is always visible and blurs my vision several times a minute sometimes for a fraction of a second,  sometimes for several seconds (possible Weiss Ring? although my eye surgeon said they don't call it that anymore). He had me wait several months to see if it went away or I got use to it (it did not) and now suggests a vitrectomy. I am looking for a less invasive alternative.

Is use of a laser to dissolve occulsions approved. Does it have a CPT code I can check for insurance coverage.
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As far as I know it does not have a CPT code for insurance payment.  I have heard from collegues that it is a very tedious procedure, with some risk of retinal detachment and bleeding, and a mediocre chance of some improvement.  If a surgeon wants to do this type of laser surgery for vitreous floaters, he should have the proper laser lens, lots of experience and try to avoid making you worse by injuring the retina.
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With all due respect to Dr. Kutryb, who I think is a fine and highly respected doctor, there is most definitely a CPT code for laser-assisted vitreolysis for floaters and payment by insurance. The risks of RD or bleeding are almost zero. The concerns about retina damage are simply not held up in actual experience and there are scientific reasons why that have to do with the nature of the beam and the finite point at which the energy is concentrated.He is, however, correct that the success rate is variable, BUT for the large Weiss-ring type the success rate in the hands of experienced doctors is very good. I've had two large Weiss rings, one removed by vitrectomy and the other by laser. I had good success with the laser and my Blue Cross paid 100%.
I've done as much research on this subject as anyone you will find and have visited the two top expects in the field, one in Virginia and another in California. I've not been sollicited to say this, in any way. You can read my years of extensive postings here to know that I am for real and not someone trying to get advertising on this site. I just hate to see misinformation spread unnecessarily. I feel laser treatment is so much safer than vitrectomy and can help tremendously. I do suggest you limit your options to experienced doctors.
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