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Lasik after IOL Implants

I had rezoom lenses put in 6 months ago and am doing quite well.  Depending on the lighting I an using +125 reading glasses and my distance vision is 20-25 in my dominant eye and 20-30 in the other.  I am considering lasik now as my doctor told me that he could improve my eys to where I would no longer need the glasses and my distance vision would improve as well.  How successful is lasik after Multifocal implants and are the potential side effects more prevalent?  Currently I experience minor halos at night but they are very tolerable.


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Hi, I am a community leader here not a doctor. I have a lot of experience helping eye patients including myself. Welcome to our community.

I am not familiar with the issues raised by your question.

Dr. Hagen will answer your post. Other community members may also have good advice for you.

Write back anytime.
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I think LASIK is a possible option for you if you strongly want to have better distance vision.  It is up to you.  If you are happy as you are now then just let it go.  I don't think the LASIK is particularly risky - but being a little older (sorry) you may take a bit longer to recover than younger folks, and may need to watch out for dry eye problems.  I certainly would be sure that the LASIK was covered under the original premium lens catract surgery price and not an extra charge.

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Thanks for the reply Dr. K.  I am actually 38 years old and had this surgery ellectively.  My doctor says that Lasik will improve my vision even more than the implants and I was just wondering if the slight halos I experience now could become worse with lasik?  Also, one of the reasons I could not do lasik to start was becasue I was so farsighted and that the risk of severe dry eye was great.  My understaning now is, becasue my eyes need less steapening that the dry eye risk with lasik is greatly reduced.  Is this true?
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Hmmm... wondering if I should just wait to see if the technology of Premium IOLs improve or I get closer to Medicare age???
At $10k, it's a ton of money and don't want to take a gamble on this...my vision is critical for my profession.

Also, how high is the risk for dry eyes after having 3 surgeries per eye? (IOL,  then YAG, Lasik)???

I'm very confused & concerned about getting eye surgery... I'm in my early 50's and can no longer wear my GP contact lenses due to dry eyes.  I had great, crisp correction of astigmatism & severe myopia for many years with my GP contacts, then used reading glasses over them throughout my 40's until I could no longer tolerate my dry eyes...

Now, I am wearing progressive glasses for over 2 years, but  many of my activities are limited, including driving because my vision is not crisp & I do not have the peripheral vision that contact lenses provided.  I've become much less active & it is affecting my work ...

I am a CPA & an avid reader, so my vision is crucial.
With my astigmatism, myopia & presbyobia... what type of implants would you recommend?  I've been told I am not a good candidate for laser surgery, and one surgeon suggested CL HD, followed by yag & then lasix if needed (probably needed...)... meaning 6 total surgeries -- 3 in each eye.

This was from a very high-volume "big name" clinic in Dallas, with little input from the doctor himself -- who briefly looked over my chart after a technician spent considerable time examining my eyes.

Should I get a 2nd (and 3rd opinion)?  I'm concerned about "waxy" vision or ending up with worse dry eye problems, making my vision worse than better.  The information seems very confusing & I'd like more objective information, especially concerning astigmatism & eye surgery...

I've seen some eye docs who prefer aspheric implants vs Crystalens HD, and I am also wondering about the details gearing the procedure more to close (reading) vision versus distant vision.  Is all this considered "wavefront" technology?

And last, but not least, what about significant side effects with the newer implants (like waxy vision, glaring & halos?).  

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