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Lattice Degeneration Of Retina?

  Hi HFC,  On an examination of eyes, my opthamalogist noticed I had lattice degeneration of retina in right eye. They suspect pathway lesion.  This exam showed myopia(nearsighteness)plus changes with refraction of pupil in left eye.
  This exam was done in 1992, I am now being worked up for Multiple Sclerosis and my Arnold-Chiari Malformation type 1.  I have borderline diabetes, most the time it is controlled by diet.  
  My last neuro exam showed left pupil defect. My pupil will dilate oblong (cat's eye). My optomatrist noticed it doing this and asked me if I have had a Head CT to rule out lesion.  
  I want to know if these changes with right eye retina means loss of sight. Could this be related to possibility of MS or ACM?  I of course will follow up with neurologist about these issues. I recently found these results going back over
  medical records requested for new doctor.  I have been having MS like disease for over the last three years. I do not have a firm diagnoses yet!
  I thank you for your help. I just want to learn more about how to prevent further eye damage if related to my blood sugar. I know some diabetics no matter how careful they are with their diets they still end up with the complications due to the disease.
  Thanks, Sincerely, Anneliese
It seems like you have a very complicated history with multiple problems.
Lattice degeneration of the retina is a fairly common peripheral retinal degeneration.  This does not affect the portion of the eye for fine vision.  Usually it is of no consequence but it can predispose people to develop retinal detachments.  The risk is low and this is usually not prophylactically treated.  
It is important for you to keep close follow-up with your ophthalmologist.  Signs of a retinal detachment can include floaters, sensation of flashing lights and sudden dark areas in your vision.  This has been described as a curtain coming over the eye.  If you have any of these symptoms, you should immediately contact your ophthalmologist.
Lattice degeneration is not related to Multiple Sclerosis or Arnold Chiari malformation.
This information is for educational purposes only.  Please keep follow-up with all your physicians for dianostic and treatment options.

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