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Lattice Degeneration and RD: Should I get surgery in both eyes?

Hello everyone! I would like your thoughts on my situation.

About 3 weeks ago I got diagnosed with a retinal detachment in my right eye near my nasal side. The RD was out of nowhere. I have had contacts and glasses but nothing serious before. The ophthalmologist told me that I had a condition called Lattice Degeneration that affected BOTH of my eyes. So I got surgery the next day. The procedure included a sceral buckle, vitrectomy and nitrous oxide bubble in my eye. Now a couple weeks later and I'm recovering fine.

When I came in to the pre-op and post-op appointment they had made a comment about my left eye (normal one) having lattice degeneration and a little cataract forming. The cataract is not an issue right now, but the doctor told me that once my right eye was good that I would need to have some laser surgery done on my left eye to prevent future problems such as a retinal detachment. He did not go into specifics with what type of surgery, but from my research I would guess preventative prophylactic treatment of lattice.

1) Should I get laser treatment for my left eye that has lattice degeneration? Or should I just monitor it? I am worried that if not treated this eye would be at risk for retinal detachments or future problems.After having a RD in my right eye I just want to keep my eyes as healthy as possible and without any complications.But I have also read that these "laser treatments" don't really help, and I don't want to be spending money on something that might not help me in the long run. Help!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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Lattice is very common occurring in as many as 6-10% of the population. I have lattice in both eyes. Most lattice does not need any treatment. Maybe 30% of RDs begin in a area of lattice. Once you have a RD in one eye the chance of a RD in the other eye may be as high as 10-15% so treating lattice and retinal holes is often recommended.

As CBCT says there is no harm in getting a second opinion from another retinal specialist if your are hesitant or it would make your feel better. I don't think the present retina doctor would mind at all.

Just so you know there is a very very high incidence of cataract formation and progression after a vitrectomy. This is not true of laser for holes or lattice or buckle/gas without vitrectomy. Some RDs cannot be fixed without vitrectomy

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Glad to hear that you are recovering well. I didn't require a buckle, but I did have cryopexy, bubble, and laser retinopexy.  As I am sure you know, retinal
surgery is extremely variable and complex.  Reliable treatment advice can only be given by the doctors who examine you. If you wish to do so, don't hesitate to ask for your records and seek a second, or third, option.  Make your best decision based on your doctor's advice.  Best wishes.
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