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Lattice Degeneration

Hi! I'm a 23-year-old female diagnosed with lattice retinal degeneration in both eyes. Last May, I started seeing floaters in my right eye. I immediately went to an optometrist to find out what was causing them. She then said that it was benign. I was not satisfied with this so I went to a retina specialist in June. She said the same thing. that the floaters in my right eye were benign and were probably from me lifting heavy weights. In the last week of June, I noticed a small dot of floater in my left eye. I got worried and went back to the retina specialist for another checkup. She then dilated my eyes and examined them by using a headlight. She then said that I have lattice degeneration in my left eye but in my right eye it was benign, (but the right eye was the one with more floaters) she then suggested for a focal laser be performed. I went to another retina specialist, he said that I have lattice degeneration in both eyes (he just used the slit lamp exam and was able to detect lattice in both eyes, he didn't even have to dilate it) I went ahead and got both eyes lasered.

1. I'm still seeing floaters in both eyes, would they go away in time?
2. Why was the lattice not diagnosed the first time I had floaters? Why wasn't it seen during the eye exams I did prior?
3. What is my prognosis, I'm really worried.

please answer. thank you so much

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Lattice degeneration is found in 6-9% of the population depending on how hard an ophthalmologist looks for it. I have lattice in both eyes. Most lattice does not require any treatment. Sometimes very competent ophthalmologists disagree on whether lattice even with holes need to be treated.  Floaters are a different issue. Half of  people have floaters by age 50 if they look for them and by 70 it's about 3 out of 4.  Treating lattice with laser does nothing to the floaters, it is to seal the lattice and any retinal holes therein shut with scarring from the laser. There is no effective, risk free way of treating floaters. A so called "floaters only vitrectomy" is a very big operation, has significant risks and is very expensive and sometimes not covered by insurance. Usually done in diabetics that have large floaters caused by bleeding into the back of the eye. To see lattice the pupils been to be dilated. I have NEVER gone to my retina doctor without them being dilated. The "headlight' (indirect ophthalmascope) or periphery gonio-lens are used.   I cannot give you a prognosis since each case is different. You need to ask that of the treating retina surgeon.  If you want to read more about floaters follow this link:
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Thank you, Doc for answering my question.

So my persistent floaters are not caused by my lattice degeneration? I am so worried, everytime I move my eyes they drift apart my sight.
I am not also that myopic
Lattice does not cause floaters, which are usually a result of liquification of the vitreous gel.   Be sure you read the linked article.
Also I had a number of blue diode laser  exposure but it occured months ago. I told my ophthalmologist about that and said that it did not cause the lattice. Did it maybe cause the floaters? My ophthalmologist said that my eyes are healthy ( aside from the lattice) is there a chance that the laser radiation damaged my eyes? I was wearing safety dark green googles that i just bought on ebay. The beam did not directly hit my eye I just see diffuse reflection. How can I tell if the laser damaged my eyes? What kind of test shoul I underdo?
If the laser had damaged your eye you would have a dark or distorted spot in the center of your vision that would not move and it would show up on the OCT or Amsler grid testing. The concept you must grasp is that even in normal eyes most will develop floaters as a normal ageing change.  However I am nearsighted and I noted my first floater about age 11 (I thought I was seeing an angel flying around)
Appreciate your answer to my questions.

I was worried because it was little under a watt laser and the glasses I bought were just cheap, enough not to see how blue it is. I’m gonna be more careful from now on.

Good luck
Hi, Doc! It’s been a month since my focal laser procedure for lattice degeneration in both eyes. Is it safe to have an anti rabies vaccination given my condition? Thank you
We can't give that type of advice on a website. You would need to ask your surgeon. As a generalization should not be a problem
Hi, Doc! Is it okay to go swimming after 2 months of focal laser for lattice retinal degeneration in both eyes?
Is it also normal to have chronic dry eyes after my focal laser procedure? I noticed that my eyes are dryer than before.
Swim: We can't give that type of advice on a website. You would need to ask your surgeon. As a generalization should not be a problem
Dry eyes: No, dry eyes gets worse the older we get. Different problem.
Thank you, Doctor!
You are welcome and best to you
Hi, Doctor! Is it alarming to have persistent eye floaters? They always drift away when i move my eyes?
If asked "If you move your eyes and look for them do you see floaters"  by age 50 half of people say 'yes' by age 70 it 75% .  What is alarming and not normal sudden onset of new floaters with or without flashes of light like lightening and/or loss of peripheral vision.  Most regular floaters move to bottom or side of line of sight and are not seen or the brain gets used to it and ignores them
Doctor, I am just 23 years old and I have persistent eye floaters in both eyes.
I’m very worried. My retina specialist told me that usually takes 6 months for themt settle.
Floaters are annoying but the common type are not serious.  By age 50 half of the population see floaters if the look for them; by 70 its three out of four.  Sudden onset of many floaters, often associated with bright flashes of light like lightening at night with any loss of field of vision is a different matter and requires an ophthalmologist to look at the eye with special instruments through a dilated pupil..  For regular floaters there is no effective treatment.  Lasers have been tried with not good results, and 'floater only vitectomy' is expensive, involves significant risks and usually causes a cataract.  Most people get used to them or the floater settle in the lower part of the eye out of sight.
Thank you, Doctor.
Thank you, doctor!
You are welcome
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