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Lazik Eye Surgury

I'm a 45yr. old woman who has SLE and Firbromyalgia. I have a stint in because the lupus caused me to have blockage to my heart. I take prednisone, synthroid, Raneka,topamax, synthroid,premarin,metoprolol, premarin,lexapro,plavix, baby aspirin.  I would love to be able to get Lazik eye surgury.  Am I a candidate for this procedure?  If so do you know any good surgueons in the ATL area?
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I would advise you to not have Lasik surgery from what you have told me - mainly because of the lupus.  It is also likely that you will get cataracts at a younger than usual age from chronic prednisone use so you may actually have to have cataract surgery (not lasik) in the next 5-10 years.

Michael Kutryb, MD.
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Dear Dr. Kutryb,

Thank you for answering my question on whether I could have Lasik surgery with Lupus or not.  You advised not to and said I would probably be getting cataracts in the near future.  Actually, I do have a cataract in one eye.  The doctor told me it wasn't bad enough for surgery at the time. I have an astigmatism in both eyes and I have to get my eyes checked every 6mo. for glaucoma because of taking Plaquenal.  I do get floaters every now and again.   I  have to get my Rx changed in my glasses it seems like every 6-12mo.  Which usually costs me $600 to put in glasses! BTW I have readers in my glasses but they are really good cause its spread around the glasses so you don't get that weird effect.  OK, so what's the difference with getting cat. surgery and Lasik?  And why would I get cataract's if I had Lasik surgery?  I really don't even know what they do and what cat. are. I so badly want this surgery but I also am leary when it comes to my vision.  I have enough problems without creating one.

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