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Left side homonymous

Hi, I'm a 17 year old and I recently suffered an AVM hemorrhage and it affected my vision to a 90 degree cut off (synonymous) has it ever been known to recover fully to 180 degrees?, even 120 so i can drive.

FYI, i do see some things on the left but cant notice what it is, it must just be dots.

I'm young so they're not sure..

Any thoughts? Thanks
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Autocorrect must have changed homonymous hemianopia to synonymous

By the way, if their are any sort of exercises that can help please let me know.
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In 37 years of practice in Kansas City which involves hundreds of thousands of patients I have seen only one go away completely after a stroke. It was the mother of a local physician. The hundreds and hundreds of others: HHA often improes but doesn't go away; the person learns to function better.

There is a controversial treatment called NovaVision  http://www.novavision.com/   Some researchers think it works; others think it doesn't. It is not uniformaly available. The last time I checked patients from Kansas CIty had to go to Omaha to find a physician trained in this system.

Certain types of prism glasses are said to help some (not make it go away just improve seeing in dark areas.

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