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Left eye problems

Hi there, I am 19 years old and ive been getting problems with my left eye for nearly two years now. It is so frustrating and what's even worse is I have no idea what is causing it. The eye has become saggy.
Problems I had:
- first started off with styes and cysts
- inflammation - bloodshot eye
- cornea scaring with a headache
- blepharitis with marginal keratitis (as told by eye specialists)

I have seen loads of eye specialists and was given steroid drops to get rid of the inflammation but i still have problems and I dont know why?  Im so close to giving up :( I dont wear contacts! other than left eye problems, I am healthy.

This is how it looks like now. My vision is quite blurry from that eye :( When it gets inflammed, a white dot appears on the cornea and I have a bad headache with it.


I was wondering if anyone has had the same problem. How long will it take for the scar to heal? What shall i do? Please help
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Hi, I'm very sorry you have experienced so many problems, but you truly need to continue seeking the care of an experienced ophthalmologist, especially one specialized in the Cornea. Ask for a referral and ask for a diagnosis and a treatment plan, then read more about it on the internet and you'll probably find a support system out there...like medhelp. My concerns are possible rheumatologic disease, vernal allergic keratoconjunctivitis or marginal keratitis (as stated by you previously). You picture is only slightly helpful, but thanks for providing. Good luck.
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