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Legally blind

My left eye is a lazy eye which glasses cant really help.I have perfect vision in my right. My question is when it comes time for me to drive can I get my licence? I am really worried about it please ansewer my Question,,,?
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Yes, if you can acquire driving skills your vision will not keep you from driving.

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Dr. Hagen has written on this forum, regarding legal blindness,

"By definition "legal blindness" (20/200 or worse best corrected in best eye) or visual field less than 10 degrees in widest diameter in best visual field is NOT correctable."

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Hi, I am a community leader here not a doctor. I have a lot of experience helping eye patients including myself. Welcome to our community.

Dr. Hagen will review my answer. He will post to you if he can help more. Write back anytime.

In Texas, we look through a viewer for the eye test. I have little vision in one eye. I passed, because that side of the screen was burned out. LOL

But you could also cover the weak eye. I do not know why you would not pass. It is a vision test, not an eye exam. Many people with one good eye pass the test and have licenses.

There is another side to this. I do not feel capable of driving. But I have a recent loss.You are probably more experienced with using one eye,  I am also self-employed and work at home. So I have less need to drive.

I am sure that you have thought it through, about whether it is responsible for you to drive.

BTW, "legally blind" means uncorrectible vision of something like 20/200 or less in both eyes. So you are not legally blind.
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