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Lens cortex material trapped behind the lens

I'm almost positive I have two small strands of lens cortex trapped behind my lens.  The surgeon couldn't get to all of it and didn't want to break the bag.  

I had a second surgery because the lens rotated and needed to be repositiined.  During this second surgery I had issues with eye pressure and the eye was lowered to a pressure of 4.  My guess is these remain cortex pieces made their way in during this time.  

Currently any bright light produces a large line that expands several feet.

I look at my lens through a pinhole and can see these two tiny strands and when light crosses them the large band of light appears.  When light does not cross them, the band is not there.

So the question is what can be done?  It seems almost impossible for a good outcome.  Im very concerned and have no idea what to do.  I do not want a lens exchange as I am finally getting used to the lens and would be satisfied if I didn't have the huge band of light.   I did read that this material can dissolve, but that is in the vitreous and this is trapped in the lens.   I was curious if ultrasound could break it up or if something else could be done?
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Hi Hank527 I just checked this is the 21st post/question you've made. That might be a record. Your best bet which I have mentioned before is to get an independent 2nd opinion from a cornea/cataract/refractive surgeon about your diagnosis and treatment.

Yes cortex some times dissolves but may not. I did a yag laser capsulotomy today on a patient having had surgery elsewhere 7 years ago and he had a huge, hard chuck of whitish cortex that most fortunately was not in the visual axis. I was able to do the regular yag capsulotomy through the think cloudy central membrane. Ultrasound will not be useful. Ultrasound is using during surgery to break up the hard nucleus and for diagnosis (A and B scan ultrasongraphy)
Thank you.  I think I have been using the comment wrong.  I am very research oriented and also paranoid of a third surgery when number 2 did not work.  I read lots and I am trying to understand it all and why cortex was left, but that fairly common.   I have an appointment with a specialist.  The problem is waiting and not knowing.  If I need another surgery I read the sooner the better.  
A wise and experienced physician told me some time ago "If you are looking for and need certainty Medicine is not a field to be in"  Getting another opinion is not the same as agreeing to a 3rd surgery. I've taken this discussion as far as I can remotely.
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