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Lentis M plus

I have recently seen a prominent eye surgeon who has recommended the lentis M Plus lense.
I am minus 9/10 with floaters and aged 50.
He assures excellent results howevere I can find very little information about this lense or anyone who has used it.

can anyone pass an informed opinion before I decide to go ahead.
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Who is the manufacture of the IOL?

Dr. O.
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Mplus is manufactured by Oculentis GmbH Germany. www.oculentis.com
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Hi , I am 51 and had a deterioration in eyesight in my right over what seemed to me to be a relatively short period, this was  due to posterior cataracts. My eye surgeon recommended the Oculentis Mplus multifocal IOL.I had my first eye done last week (25th May) and my second done yesterday (3rd June). My right eye had deteriorated over a 6 week period to the point where I could not read with it prior to that I was able to read with glasses and if I held a book at arms length without glasses. The change to me appeared to be sudden , my eye surgeon said that in the case of posterior cataracts this can be the case. After having the right eye done there was a big difference in sight and it highlighted to me that my left eye was far from normal even though I thought it was. Even though the op was only yesterday for the left eye I can read small print using it. My near vision is very much improved over a short time period and colours are far more vibrant.Distance vision during the day is improved and I can easily perform the minimum driving test visual test. I do notice a blurring as the level of light reduces at night. You have to bear in mind though that my brain has only had a day to get used to both eyes being done and my right eye is only a "week" old. It was a bit confusing when only one eye was done as the colours were different in both eyes. The operated eye saw bright vibrant colours and whites the other eye saw pastel shades of the same colours and magnolia rather then white. I have been told things will get even better over a 4-6 week period.

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this link has some details of the patients views of this lens.

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Hi Hugh, I hope your eyes are continuing to go from strength to strength. I had mplus lenses put in in Mar 2010.  I have a few problems that I am still hopeful will be resolved but at present glare and lack of contrast are hampering the effectiveness of these lenses.  The frustrating thing is If i squint or partially cover my eyes the clarity and contrast comes back and the luminance that edges everything goes away.  The luminance makes things look blurred although I can see the detail within the target.  Because of the glare and lack of contrast I cannot see computer or reading well between 40-80cm and as I work in an office this is difficult.  This is because the lettering is pale.  Distance vision is excellent as regards contrast, but this luminance causing a blurred effect around the edges does marr everything.  I don't drive at night now as the huge skirts of light around traffic lights, car headlights, cats eyes, street lights etc is very unnerving.  If I look at people in the street, they are shrouded with ghosting.  In shops the lighting affects vision too.  When I read the rave reviews about how great these lenses are designed to be, I long to be singing their praises too.  I still hope upon hope that a remedy will be found but for now I'm in limbo not knowing if it will improve or if this is as good as it gets.    
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Dear Birdy,

I am going through the same problems as you are experiencing.  The ghosting effect is always present for me, and it is dreadful when I drive at night and makes me lose concentration very easily.  I find that I can only drive a couple of miles before I start screaming!  Also, I too have noticed that if I cover partially cover my eyes, as you have done, this ghosting goes away and my vision is clear.  I have tried this whilst watching TV, especially when words come up on the screen.  The ghosting is always at the base of bright lights (not above), other objects, or words and figures (on, say, the TV screen).  When it comes to reading, I have to give up after ten minutes, and even then I have to read in my conservatory where the light is far better than indoors.  I have an old pair of +1 reading glasses, and these help for a while longer (say 30 minutes), but then everything starts getting blurred again, no matter how near or far away I hold the newspaper.  By the end of the day, I have a headache and eye-strain.  I was told by my surgeon that I wouldn't be able to read with Crystalenses, which was definitely my first choice, but they could not surely have been as bad as the Lentis M-Plus lenses he advised me to have.  I wish to God I'd never had the surgery!  
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