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Lentis MF20 lense

Has any one any info on the Lentis Multifocal MF20 Toric lenses. I have found lots of info on the MF30 (+3.0D) etc but this MF20 is a new lense...cant find any info anywhere>>>>?
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My surgeon has recommended the MF20 to me as it has less side effects than the MF30 ( halo, glare, etc).  I have seen some good reports about it on the net (http://www.escrs.org/London2014/programme/posters-details.asp?id=21343)

The down side is that you may have to use spectacles for fine print. My surgery is not due for another months so can't tell you how it is from personal experience.
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Many thanks for that link. Do you have any other links, especially to the results of glare, halos etc?
These are what I am most concerned about.
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Will also be grateful if you could report how you get on...
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Here is another link, this time a study by a German team.


My surgery is not till October, but I will let you know how it goes.  I asked my surgeon what is the most common patient complaint with multi-focal lenses and he told me it was ghosting. As you can see from the above link no significant patient complaints about any of the side effects.Quote:

"No patient reported of intractable glare and halo or dysphotopsia. In summary this new “low add” segment MIOL has the potential to become a patient- and surgeon-friendly multifocal IOL for cataract surgery and presbyopic lens exchange for its low profile of optic side effects. The worst complication so far seems to be additional readers for small print in otherwise happy patients for far and intermediate distance. "
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My surgeon seems to say the same. As I have astigmatism as well,( and am long sited, +5.0),  he is proposing a toric lens. He has made it clear that he expects the use of reading glasses for small print in low light situations...such as a menu in a restaurant. This is no issue for me, but the star burst, halos etc will be...have another appointment with him later in year so will hit him with all the info I find by then !!

Look forward to hearing of your experience
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If anyone is interested there is now some info on Oculentis website regarding the MF20 lens

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