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Various health conditions like Dibetes, Heart, Chronic Pain  always seem to have local support groups but when it comes to eye conditions they seem to be lacking.  Patients see a doctor, they might be given a brochure and then there is usually no commuication until their next visit.  Outside of forum like this individuals with the same eye conditions can't get support from each other or from speakers that come to speak at support group meetings.
Why does there seem to be no interest in starting local support groups for people with eye health conditions?  On down days it sure would be nice to be able to pick up a phone and talk to another person fighting the same battle
that you are living with.  

I greatly appreciate the Doctors here who take the time to answer our medical questions.  Thanks to all of you.
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If you contact your local commission/services for the blind you'll probably be able to ask if such a thing exists in your area and chances are it does.
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In the past I have actually contacted all the local hospitals in my area and I live in a large metropolitan area asking if any of them offer support groups for eye conditions or would in intrested in hosting one on their campus.  None offered any and only one would think about the possibility of having one.  There are Community support groups for the Blind.  Thank God for that but nothing for folks that haven't reached that stage but do have Glaucoma, various degrees of  Retina Detachment, Macular Holes, been through vitrectomy and a mulitude of other conditions.  These people go through their condition alone.  It would be wonderful to know the latest treatments available and meet others suffering from similar conditions that a person can relate to.  It would be great to hear a Speakers cover not only the eye issue but also address the anxiety that results from serious eye conditions providing hope and education on a regular basis.  I know there is a local Peripheral Neuropathy Support Group and a Chronic Pain Support Group but eye conditions don't fall into to those areas.  Patients suffer eye conditions totally in their own homes and alone.
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Even if there's not an existing group for your condition, I'll bet that your local commission for the blind could give you tips for starting one.

There's also a wealth of information and support available online.  I developed a fairly rare eye problem following a less-than-successful retinal procedure.  I received SO much help and support from participants on other online eye forums, groups, and message boards.  (This forum did not exist yet.)  I also obtained state-of-the-art information about my condition from reading published research and corresponding with researchers.  As a result, I was able to locate an out-of-town surgeon who could help me.  I can't image what I would have done without the internet.  So now I'm committed to helping others.
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