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MGJW and Glaucoma

I have 2 questions the first pertaining to my daughter and the 2nd to myself.

My daughter is 7 and was diagnosed a few years back (after much searching) with Marcus Gunn Jaw Wink. Our local eye doctor has no interest in seeing her and the pediatric eye doctor wrote down her diagnosis and that was all. Her regular GP has tested her left eye to be weaker then her right and when she's really tired her eyes will move different directions (as in, one eye will stay straight and the other eye will move down or sideways). Should she be seeing an eye doctor on a regular basis? Her last exam was 2 years ago and we have no follow up apts. Should she see a specialist in congenital eye disorders or strabismus? I don't think she has any ptosis but her eye is always commented on by family and strangers and I'm constantly explaining it and trying to not make her feel like a freak (as she has been called by her cousin). She also has progressive infantile scoliosis.

The 2nd question is for me. I have had poor vision in my left eye since childhood and it has progressively worsened. I had an image taken at one dr of the nerves behind my eye and he showed me the picture where the main optic nerve (I think?) looked stenotic. I am with another provider now and am having a time getting a copy of the disc but am working on it. In any case, my recent exam showed my right eye (which has always been my good eye) is now getting worse and came back borderline for glaucoma. What is going on with my eyes? Can it be helped? Should I see a better specialist and should I seek out a glaucoma specialist now or wait for next years test results? I am only 35 and would like to preserve my vision as best as possible.

Thank you for any advice.
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Your daughter definitely should be under the care of a pediatric ophthalmologist.  Set up another appointment.  You need to see a glaucoma specialist, an eyeMD who is a specialist in glaucoma, not an optometrist.  Do not wait for next year.
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