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Macular Edema
I am a healthy male.  I was diagnosed with a macular edema in my left eye in December of 2008.  Veg-F protein builds up and makes my vision blurry.  Thus, I have been receiving injections of Avastin around every 5 weeks ever since.  

My right eye has Best Disease. Thus, I can not see out of the center of my vision in my right eye, and like clockwork my left eye goes from great acuity to trouble seeing after just over a month's time.
A fine mess.

Between the injections I put drops of Xibrom in my eye 4x a day.  My doctor feels that there is little more we can do.  Surgery to releive the blockage is risky. Steroids woudl cause cataracts.  Time released solutions are not in the marketplace as of yet.

Any suggestions?
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You can consider an Ozurdex implant.  Probably not covered by insurance for your condition.  It will cause a cataract over time.  The implant will release steroids for three to six months.

Dr. O.
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