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Macular Hole - High Myopia

I am a 45 female (UK) with very high myopia -23 in each eye (lazy left eye).  I was diagnosed with a macular hole in the right eye in September 2012 and had a vitrectomy with ILM peel and lens removal in November.  I was face-down for ten days and the gas bubble is now quite small  (10 weeks). C3F8 was used.  have recently I found out that the hole has not closed and I am to have another op soon to put  heavy oil in the eye.  I have done s lot of research and it appears that a second op can work with oil in high myopes.  The surgeon said it was unusual for the op not to work and said it was down to the myopia.

I am interested to hear individuals' experiences of similar situations and perhaps, a medical opinion.  It is all bitter-sweet as the lens change has now bought me to a -3 appx but I can't fully enjoy it although I am pleased with what I can see despite  the distortion!  

I have read a lot of postings on this forum with interest,  and I am amazed at what some people have gone through.  I have never heard of most of the problems that can happen with high myopia.  I have obviously been lucky up until now as I have never really had any problems before...
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I had a vitrectomy and ILM peel to fix a macular hole 2 years ago,also had the 10 days face down and a gas bubble,although i don't have myopia,i am quite long sighted.
The hole has closed successfully and all the distortion is gone but i do have a slight blurry patch where the hole was,but i can live with that.
I have now developed a cataract and will be getting that removed in a few weeks time,i am a bit nervous about  that but i know it has to be done.
Good luck with your op,i hope all goes well for you.
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Your surgeon is correct.

Dr. O
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Thanks for your reply.
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Thanks Cathie, good luck with the cataract op.  Hopefully, you have been through the worst bit and this will be the end!
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I forgot to say that I also have a posterior stapyloma.  I have read that this combined with my level of prescription and a macular hole do nit make for a successful outcome.
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