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Macular Pigment Changes

During my last eye exam (last year) my DR noticed that I have macular pigment changes in my left eye. He then referred me to a retinal specialist who I saw for about 6 months. Fast forward to my latest eye exam (10/31/09), I saw a new eye DR and she noticed the same thing. She did not refer me to a retinal specialist because she said that it may never get any worse than it is now. She said she would like to keep an eye on it so I am to be sure and schedule yearly exams! My question is if I am now 35 yrs old (34 when the changes were first noticed) does this mean that I am at higher risk to develop macular degeneration later on in life? I have been doing research on macular pigment changes and everything that shows up refers to MD. Any insight you can give is greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!
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Macular pigment changes is a very non-specific term.  I agree with your current doctor if only in one eye.

Dr. O.
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Good afternoon, my opthamologist gave me an exam two months ago. He did a fundus photo and OTC but said he didn't need to physically exam my eyes himself because he has these machines now. I wish he had included the exam where he personally examined my eyes after dialation, but he didn't. I'm confused because there was no drusen or pigmentary changes seen in the fundus photo or the OTC test, but nonetheless, he diagnosed me with early stage macular degeneration.
What are your thoughts?
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Actually, I started a thread on Macular Degeneration if you want to look it up. A couple of us posted.  
Are you going to an Opthamologist or Optometrist?  Why were you seeing an Opthamologist in the first place?
Yes, they have all these fancy machines now but surprised he didn't do a physical exam.  
I still think my Optamotrist should have caught my issues and maybe something could have been done sooner.
I don't understand what he told you either because I thought drusen was an indication you could develop dry or wet MD.  
Not sure what your insurance ir financial situation is, but I think I would seek a second opinion.  
A friend of mine, in her early 40's, has dry MD.  I think her dictir has her coming in every 6 months to be checked.
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Hi, yes it was an opthamologist.
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Originally I was sent to an Ophthalmologist because I had a tear in my Retina which he used the laser to repair. This was 23 years ago. Every year since he examines my eyes for new tears.  I'm confused even further because I went for a second opinion and was told the initial clinical diagnose for early stage macular degeneration is drusen and/or pigmentary changes and I have neither.  So I have a situation. Two opposing views. For now I'm relaxing. Catching my breath.  Eating right etc but I'll be seeking yet a third opinion in the near future because I know it has to be done.
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I was told today I have early macular pigment changes in both eyes. Should I be concerned. I also have a carcinoid tumor in my lung, any correlation between the two?
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