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Macular pucker has worstened after cataract surgery

On Jan 6 of this year my ophthalmologist advised me I had a macular pucker in my right eye.  During that visit and prior to her diagnosis I received an eye chart test in which I noticed for the first time that straight lines were slightly wavy in the right eye.  
My doctor’s diagnosis was that the  same right eye had a cataract and I should see an eye surgeon to discuss possible surgery.

A month later I had the cataract surgery and was on a regimen of eye drops (pred Forte & Ilevro)
(one week prior and three weeks after the surgery).

On 3/21 (my last post op visit) I mentioned that the cataract surgery has improved the vision in the right eye but I have noticed the waviness of straight lines due to the macular pucker in the same eye seems a little more pronounced.   I was given a test to see if the pucker had  worsened and was told it had but only slightly  (foveal thickness was 429 from  437 on Feb 6
I was also told to continue with the pred forte but increase to 3 times a day and the ilevro twice a day.
The doctor said it was possible the cataract surgery may have affected the pucker a little and that I should see a retinal specialist in several weeks  to learn if the pucker size had changed further.

Am looking for a second opinion on this course of action and to see if anyone has had a similar experience with cataract surgery affecting a macular pucker

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The advice you've been given is sound and standard practice. When people with macular puckers have cataract surgery it is much more likely that fluid will collect under the pucker after cataract surgery (cystoid macular edema) and that is likely why you have continued on your two eye drops.  So keep your appointment with the retina surgeon. Most puckers do not need to be operated on.
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I had a pucker that held stable for a few years. I had cataract surgery and it was still stable for 2 more years BUT, this past year, it got suddenly worse in 6 months so I had the surgery to have it fixed. At this date, almost 5 months later, my vision is better than it was before the surgery and before it had gotten worse. It will never be "normal" and I understand that. To make my situation worse, I had a blood clot burst on the facial nerve on that side 14 years ago, so that side is mostly paralyzed.
If your vision is 'better" than before surgery you have had a good result.
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