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Marcus Gunn Jaw Wink.. advise needed!!

My daughter is 8 weeks old and was diagnosed with Marcus Gunn Jaw Wink Syndrome on Wednesday. She also has ptosis of the same eye. The specialist thinks the ptosis is caused by trauma because of how badly her eye was swollen and bruised whenshe was born (see my pics). It has since improved a lot.

Im not very informed on MGJW and am very concerned and worried! She has been referred to an optomologist. Her neurologist wants to do a sleep study in hospital over night. Can anyone explain to me why? She said theres a condition that can come with MGJW ..

Can someone pkease explain what MGJW is and any related condition?

Surgery has been suggested but i dont know what to do..

Thanks x
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I would recommend a referral to a pediatric ophthalmologist.  This is a condition where the upper lid elevates and then drops when there is movement of the jaw.  Lid surgery might be necessary if there is associated amblyopia (lazy eye) on the involved side.  
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