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Marfan Syndrome and Eye Surgery

I'm 27 years old with Marfan Syndrome. I've had dislocated lenses all my life. Two years ago one of my lenses detached. I had surgery the very next morning to remove the lens. I did not have an IOL implanted at that time but was told I could decide to down the line and that there were risks and benefits to having a lens implant.

The Doctor I went to today said my best option was to have Surgery in both eyes. To implant a lens in my right eye, and also to remove the dislocated (though not detached) lens in my left and implant a lens in that eye as well. He seamed way to eager to perform the surgery, and I wasn't convinced he had an extensive knowledge of Marfan Syndrome, though he claimed he did.

He first told me that having a lens implanted would decrease the risk of retinal detachment. Then when I asked him to explain how it would decrease the risk, he said the risk was actually the same with or without the lens because of my Marfan Syndrom. I imagine this could vary case by case, but some input on this would be very helpful.

Also when he looked into my eyes, he only asked me to look up when he inspected them. Never in my 27 years of eye exams, have I had an Ophthalmologist not ask me to look in EVERY direction and hold it for several seconds. Though painful, I assumed this was necessary. Was he rushing through the exam?

I just moved to California from Minneapolis, where I was seen by Doctor's at the University of Minnesota. This is the first ophthalmologist I've seen in California, but he seemed like a car salesmen pushing surgery on me.

I don't have the luxury of seeing multiple Doctor's as I am very poor and have state Medical insurance. I was referred to this ophthalmologist, but will request another.

I just want to do whats best for my eyes, and I'm having trouble finding information online. Thank you for your help.
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